Inspections Annual Check-Ups and Inspection of Emergency Lightning

Annual Check-Ups and Inspection of Emergency Lightning

Emergency lighting is a form of lighting that is switched on when the electricity supply fails. Properly functioning escape route signage and emergency lighting in a building are therefore essential to ensure safety in emergencies and power outages. The annual inspection of your emergency lighting is not required by the law.

Not only inspections of the Occupational Health and Safety Service (ARBO) or inspections of the fire brigade can cause problems with overdue maintenance, also in cases of calamities or accidents is checked whether you have fulfilled the set obligations.

Electrical Integrity Inspection can provide completely independent advice by means of its expertise and experienced employees.

Our inspection, as formulated in NEN-EN 1838, consists of a visual component and the necessary tests.

With a visual check, it is checked whether:

- The necessary drawings are present and the correct information is stated;
- The emergency exits are shown on escape route indication;
- The emergency exits on the outside are provided with emergency lighting;
- The escape routes are provided with emergency lighting and escape route indication;
- There is an emergency light in the vicinity of manual fire alarms, fire extinguishers, the fireman's panel and the first aid post;
- Emergency lighting is provided in the vicinity of escape facilities for the disabled;
- MIVA toilets and MIVA call points are provided with emergency lighting.

When testing, it is checked whether:
- The emergency lighting fittings, in the absence of the power, switch to the emergency power supply;
- The emergency power supply keeps the emergency lighting fitting in operation for at least 1 hour;
- The illuminance on the floor of the escape routes meets the minimum set requirements.

The conclusion and any defects are recorded in the inspection report. The inspector will also add the inspection results to the mandatory logbook. If this mandatory logbook is not in your possession or it is out of date, we are happy to help you update or prepare it.

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