Grounding and Lightning Inspections

Lightning protection inspection in accordance with EN-IEC-62305

A lightning installation basically has a long lifespan. Reliability can affect the operation of your lightning installation for various reasons. Regular maintenance is therefore important for optimal protection. It is therefore advisable to have this regularly inspected.

The lightning installation consists of a number of measures to prevent or minimize damage resulting from lightning strikes.

The inspectors from Electrical Integrity Inspection will use various measurements in the installation to check whether everything meets the requirements. But we will also visually inspect whether your installation has any defects. The inspection will be carried out fully in accordance with NEN 1014 and/or EN-IEC-62305 and any additional requirements.

All measured values ??and visually noted deviations will be discussed with you verbally, but also with a clearly traceable report.

The inspector can also provide appropriate advice and/or quotation for the repairs. Of course, this only happens upon request.

Do you want an inspection of your lightning installation?

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