SCIOS scope 12 inspections / PV check

SCIOS scope 12 inspection

In addition to our SCIOS scope 8 and 10 inspections, we as Electrical Integrity Inspection can provide our customers with a SCIOS scope 12 inspection – “inspection of solar power installations”.

A SCIOS scope 12 inspection is an inspection carried out in accordance with the SCIOS Technical Document 18, which describes the inspection methods for an EBI (first commissioning inspection) and a PI (periodic inspection). The following standards are applied during this inspection:

- NEN 1010

- NEN 3140

- NEN-EN-IEC 62446

With this safety inspection you increase the operational reliability and safety of your installation, so that possible damage can be limited. More and more insurers are also requiring you to have your installation inspected in accordance with SCIOS scope 12 by an independent inspection company.

Thanks to our years of experience, we are happy to advise you on a tailor-made inspection plan for carrying out an inspection. Of course we will do this in combination with a suitable offer.


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