SCIOS scope 8 / NEN 3140 inspections

Under the Working Conditions Act, you are obliged to ensure that your electrical installation and equipment can be used safely by employees and/or visitors to your company.

The NEN 3140 and NEN 1010 standards, among others, provide substance to these requirements of the Working Conditions Act.

In addition to the Working Conditions Act, a periodic inspection is also often required in the conditions of fire insurance. If the inspection is not demonstrable, the damage can often only be partially paid or sometimes not paid at all.

Electrical Integrity Inspection can provide you with completely independent advice through its expertise and experienced employees.

Together with the (installation) manager, we will draw up an inspection plan that provides a clear picture of the scope and implementation of the inspection.
Of course, we will always try to inconvenience you as little as possible.


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As formulated in the standard, our inspection consists of a visual component and measurements and tests.
A visual inspection checks whether;

- The installation drawings and diagrams are present and up to date.;

- All installation parts are clearly recognizable.;

- Any damage present does not pose a danger.;

- The switchgear is in accordance with the standards.;

- The space around switch cabinets is easily accessible and free of obstacles;

- The connections of the earth cables are in order;

- The security devices are present and properly set;

- The safety chains are in order.

The measurements check whether;

- The resistance of the protective conductor is sufficient;

- The circuit impedance of the power chain is sufficient;

- The earth diffusion resistance of the earth electrode is sufficient;

- The insulation resistance of the installation is sufficient;

- Separation of power chains is sufficient;

- Response current and response time of the earth leakage circuit breakers and earth leakage circuit breakers are sufficient;

- The overcurrent protection is working correctly;

- The thermal overload protection is working properly and is set;

- The safety chains work and are sufficient;

- Connections are properly made.

We can also, in consultation, carry out a thermographic investigation during the inspection to detect any unwanted heat developments in switching and distribution devices.

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