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Work Equipment Inspection

Inspection NEN 3140 electrical work equipment

When using electrical work equipment, hazards may arise for both the users and the environment. Moreover, the quality of the work deteriorates due to the use of the improper equipment. This is due to wear and tear, damage and aging. An accident may be a consequence of using this kind of equipment. For that reason, the legislation is aimed at ensuring the safe condition of work equipment throughout its useful life. This can be realized by means of a NEN 3140 inspection.

By having your electrical work equipment inspected, you can demonstrate that you make "safe" work equipment available to your employees. Inspections of electrical tools, machines and equipment are inspected by inspectors or clerk.

Electrical Integrity Inspection performs inspections in accordance with the NEN 3140 standard.

The following requirements are imposed on this inspection:

- A visual check;
- An inspection by measuring and testing;
- A registration must be kept;
- The inspection must be demonstrable;
- It must be clear to the user that the tool to be used is safe.

After the inspection you will receive a certificate per work tool with accompanying remarks, possible defects or deviating measurements. We can also advise and support you with the creation of unique identification for you work equipment, which can be processed later in a database.

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